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We’re bringing you the best Rifles, Handguns, Ammo, Cleaning Supplies, Accessories and Gear. As we mentioned, we’re all about serious Guns & Ammo, and you’re about to find out why.

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Whether its Smith & Wesson, Winchester, Weatherby, Remington, Ruger, Walther and others, we have the brand that fits your needs. From Deer Hunting to Elk Hunting and Varmint Shooting, Ammo is important. The right Caliber, Grain and FPS, helps puts the food on the table. Stop by Ken’s Sporting Goods and checkout our inventory of Rifles, Handguns, Ammunition & Cleaning Supplies.

Don’t forget we also do Limited Repairs plus Custom and Special Orders. Can’t find what your looking for, ask us. If we can find it, we’ll order it for you. We also ship to all US States. We’ll even ship your favorite Rifle or Handgun to your local FFL dealer. Call 541 433-2530.

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Guns, Rifles, Ammo & Gear

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